About Us

Jay Polychem has been in the market circles since 1988. We are a 360-degree petrochemical trading company with sourcing, storage and distribution. With an age-old loyalty to our customers, we have been focusing on plastics, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints and the automobile sector.


Jay Polychem is marching ahead with a group turnover of USD 760m. In the past, we have handled 300,000 tons of tonnage with a warehouse in 1 million square feet. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best and we strive hard to achieve the ambition. It is for this reason Jay Polychem has witnessed a growth of 1000% during 2005-2010.


'To understand your customers’ need, one should step into their shoes.' With deep belief in the thought, Jay Polychem has extended its presence to numerous places in India and outside. Internationally, we are in Singapore, Dubai, London and Houston. While in India, Jay Polychem has a presence in thirteen cities. Verticals Jay Polychem aspires to be an integrated part of the petrochemical and energy space. Therefore, the group has expanded into the following areas:

  • Oil and Gas exploration
    • Natural gas supply
    • Power
    • Energy infrastructure
    • Tank farms

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